Meet the Team


Office Manager

I love working with people and have found no greater reward than helping transform a smile into one a person is proud to share! I’ve been part of Poldek Family Dental since 2008 and appreciate all the wonderful people that I’ve met and the friendships that I have made.

As the office manager, I ensure we run smoothly so patients have stress-free visits.  This allows Dr. Poldek and our team to focus on patient comfort and excellent care.I also handle our financials, including accounts payable, receivable, collections, and insurance claims, along with purchasing and inventory. Additionally, I oversee human resources, including hiring, training, and scheduling.

I’m also a dental assistant and sometimes work in the clinic, helping Dr. Poldek while providing patient care. My days are full, but I’m never too busy to chat with a patient and answer their questions about care!

Outside work, I enjoy time with my husband and two wonderful children, who are both in middle school. Outside of the office my husband and I have a family business that involves painting, decorating, and house staging. I like to cook, exercise, and travel, and love interior design and decorating!


Front Desk Scheduling Coordinator

I really enjoy seeing us building relationships and trust with our patients. Walking into a dentist’s office isn’t easy for everyone so we all try to make each person’s dental visit pleasant and enjoyable! I started in the dental field in the 90s and found my professional family here, in 2016.

Working at the front desk, I greet and check in patients and update their records while asking how they’re doing. I also handle check out processes and schedule future visits, as well as answer the phones.

My husband and I have a son and daughter. My faith and my family are the most important parts of my life. In my leisure time, I’m usually with my family and closest friends. I enjoy traveling to Disney World, cheering for the Blackhawks, and attending concerts.


Registered Dental Hygienist

I enjoy establishing trusting relationships with our patients, helping each improve their oral health and achieve a smile they love. My career started in 2000 and I joined the Poldek Family Dental team in 2014. We’re a big family and care about our patients as we would our loved ones.

I work with Dr. Poldek to inspect and clean people’s teeth and gums. I remove gingivitis, plaque, and tartar, apply fluoride, screen for oral cancer, and take X-rays. Additionally, I offer a lot of patient education and encouragement, so people can enjoy lifetimes of healthy smiles.

When not working, I like going to Wrigley to cheer for the Cubs, traveling the globe, and attending local concerts and sports events. During the summer I enjoy riding my motorcycle and in the winter I like snowmobiling.



I truly enjoy interacting with our patients on the phone. When I’m able to help someone laugh about their day, it makes my day! I’m new to the dental field; after teaching for many years, I’m happy to be back in the work force and assisting patients at Poldek Family Dental.

In the event our office is closed, I’m available to answer calls and assist patients with their various needs. I appreciate being able to ease a caller’s nerves by listening to their stories, sharing some of my own, and calming them down. We often laugh together!

While I’m shy when first meeting someone, I love to chit-chat. Laughing and smiling are contagious and there’s nothing I enjoy more, whether that’s shared with my family or with a patient on the phone!



I enjoy working in a positive, relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Poldek and our team try our best to make patients feel comfortable and reassured they’re in caring hands. I’ve been with the practice since 2014 and enjoy building friendships with our patients and families.

I welcome and check in patients, schedule appointments, enter insurance data, and fix unprocessed insurance claims. I also help patients by answering questions about their account or insurance and do my best to make visits pleasant.

When not at the office, I enjoy Bible-based volunteer work, which keeps me busy as I dedicate 70 hours a month to it. Apart from my secular job and volunteer activities, I enjoy reading, playing piano, hiking, photography, and time with family and friends.



I love working with our patients, making each feel comfortable and secure during visits. Dr. Poldek is a gentle dentist and our team always puts our patients at the forefront. I started in the field as a receptionist in 2015 and have worked my way up to being a dental assistant, joining this office in 2017.

I sterilize instruments and the treatment rooms. Then I seat our patient and prepare them for their procedure, explaining what we’ll be doing. Sitting chairside, I act as a second pair of hands for Dr. Poldek while making sure our patient is comfortable and updating them on the process.

I’m married and have two young children, Ivette and Ivan. They are my world and they are why I constantly strive to better myself.


Dental Hygienist

I enjoy helping patients understand what they need to do to achieve optimal oral hygiene. I love when a person comes for a recall visit and I can see major improvement! I started working as a dental assistant in 2010 and joined this wonderful practice in 2017 as a hygienist.

I treat oral diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis and offer thorough cleanings and tooth polishing. Much of my focus is on education, teaching people why it’s important to take care of their teeth and gums and how to make positive changes. I truly love what I do and strive to be the best hygienist I can.

I’ve been happily married for several years. We have a young daughter and are expecting a baby boy to be joining us in January 2018. We’re very excited about our growing family! In our free time, we love biking on trails with beautiful views and family time at a park.


Dental Assistant

I like talking with our patients, setting them at ease, and helping each feel safe and secure. We have an understanding, compassionate team and Dr. Poldek is the best dentist! My dental experience started in 2009 and I found my professional home at Poldek Family Dental in 2012.

I help the doctor during different procedures, making sure he has everything needed and supporting our patient at the same time. I also talk with the patient about the procedure, answer their questions, and offer home care instructions, too.

I’m the proud mom of a young daughter: I love watching her grow and learn. I value education, love learning new things, and like hockey, snowboarding, and being outdoors.